How-To Help Files

We are here to help one another, that is what Amateur Radio Operators do, we help each other. Right? :)

We are going to try to ease the pains involved in getting started in DMR.

We have all had our problems here and there but worked through them with the help of others.

Feel free to shoot us an Email and we can all work together on the issues.

MMDVM Hotspot

Inexpensive hotspot you can buy or build for around $100.00


Inexpensive entry level vhf/uhf/dmr radio for under $100.00, installing OpenGD77 is a must!

IOS Droid +vocoder install for DroidStar (watch video)

1 Go to the DroidStar

2 go to settings

3 scroll down to Vocoder URL and use IOS64 Vocoder

4 go to logs you should see vocoder plugin loaded and you should be able to hear audio and transmit

( hope i get this right THANK YOU LEWIS)